The tambourine you play with your foot!

Handcrafted in small batches.

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Adult - Includes 3 jingles and fits almost any adult wearing shoes (sandals are not recommended).
Youth - Includes only 2 jingles and is designed for young children or adults with very narrow feet.

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Put a little backbeat in your case.

I made the first Toebourine™ for myself so I could provide a beat while teaching music. When my colleagues asked about it, I decided to make up a bunch in my workshop and offer them for sale at conferences where I speak about musical creativity. They have become quite popular, in part, because they are handmade and wooden, which is just cooler than mass-manufactured cheap plastic.


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Besides the fact that wood is beautiful and plastic is cheap, the important difference is that the jingles in Toebourines™ are vertically-stacked to produce a staccato "snap" (like a high-hat in a drumset) as opposed to competitor's horizontal jingles that rattle too long for precise timekeeping.

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One of the teachers at out studio is VERY envious of my foot cymbal. The ones he used have fabric across top so they are not as stable and don’t last very long.
— Sally Goldberg
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Toebourine™ - handmade and practical.

Toebourine™ - handmade and practical.


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