The tambourine you play with your foot!

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Put a little backbeat in your case.

I made the first Toebourine™ for myself so I could provide a beat while teaching music. When my colleagues asked about it, I decided to make up a bunch in my workshop and offer them for sale at conferences where I speak about musical creativity. They have become quite popular, in part, because they are handmade and wooden, which is just cooler than mass-manufactured cheap plastic.

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Besides the fact that wood is beautiful and plastic is cheap, the important difference is that the jingles in Toebourines™ are vertically-stacked to produce a staccato "snap" (like a high-hat in a drumset) as opposed to competitor's horizontal jingles that rattle too long for precise timekeeping.

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  Toebourine™ - handmade and practical.

Toebourine™ - handmade and practical.


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