Chord Stacker™ and Tiles

Chord Stacker™ and Tiles

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Teach chords better!

The ability to recognize and play chords without hesitation benefits all musicians. For improvisers, chord fluency enables such practical skills, learning tunes by ear, transforming lead sheets to arrangements, jamming with others, and creating one’s own part in bands. For those who prefer to play written music, facility with chords improves learning literature through harmonic analysis, enhances sight reading by predicting what will come next, and facilitates memorization by internalizing underlying progressions.  Now your students can enjoy learning essential music theory concepts with their hands as mine do. 


Rack and tiles

  • Wooden rack - Handmade from reclaimed lumber with four precision-cut channels. Note that colors may vary. Size: 5.5 x 8.5 x 3/4 inches.

  • Wooden tiles - a standard hand-stamped tile set includes enough note names to construct all seven diatonic triads and chord symbols for a key signature you select. Some tiles are reversible (eg. C/Am set include G/G# and F/F# tiles) to accommodate harmonic and melodic minor key triads. Diatonic seventh chords can also be constructed using the standard tile set. Turning a rack from landscape to portrait view enable four vertical channels for seventh chords. (Displaying all seven diatonic seventh chords in portrait view at once requires two racks.)

Additional keys/tiles
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Sending a huge thank you for the chord stacker and tiles... I’ve been using them with students and it is going well. Will have to order some more once school (money) comes in!
— Janice (CA)

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