Teacher Training

Professional development for music teachers from a leader in improvisation pedagogy.

  • Author of the best-selling, nine-book jazz piano method, That’s Jazz and Creative Chords keyboard improvisation method for beginners.

  • Past pop/Jazz Chairperson for Music Teacher National Association.

  • Co-Founder of 88 Creative Keys Workshop for piano teachers.

  • Music journal author for Clavier Companion, Downbeat, American Music Teacher…

  • Frequent guest on popular music education podcasts.


Music Teacher Training Sample topics

Here’s an ever-changing list of things I enjoy talking about. Additional topics are easily arranged.

  • Creative Chords ShowcaseCreative Chords is a unique series designed to teach beginning students how to improvise using lead sheets! Bradley Sowash demonstrates how to play well-known melodies by ear, improvise embellishments and variations, add chords and accompaniment styles, and create full-sounding arrangements based on their own tastes and preferences.

  • Going Further with Lead Sheets – So you can play the melody and chords, now what?

  • Improve Your Groove – Tighten up your students’ sense of time and ability to play with others.

  • Scaling the Chords – The key to playing without written music is a thorough understanding of how chords relate to scales. Learn how to creatively coach chords and scales to make them more fun, yet pedagogically sound and relevant to current repertoire.

  • That’s Jazz Showcase –  Learn to teach from the #1 best selling jazz piano method in the world.

  • The Blues  How to play and teach this essential American music form.

  • The Pedagogy of Teaching Creativity  – Learn how the philosophy and mindset of teaching off page creativity differs from teaching written music and understand how to integrate the two approaches.

  • Understanding Chord Symbols – Contemporary chord nomenclature explained.

  • Why Teaching Creativity Matters  – Learn why everyone can improvise, understand how myths about improvisation prevent learning, and garner a few brass tacks tips for integrating creativity into your studio immediately.

Your teaching is so meaningful and helpful…
— Dr. David A. Karp, Professor of Music, Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX
…Your appearance at the NPITYA in Dallas was spectacular! The evaluations from the teachers gave you rave reviews on all of your sessions. Personally, I really enjoyed the evening concert. You have much to offer teachers, especially those who don’t play jazz and are somewhat intimidated by the prospect of teaching it.
— Richard Rejino Pender’s Music Co.
Bradley teaching remotely for the University or Oklahoma.

Bradley teaching remotely for the University or Oklahoma.


For live appearances, get in touch to discuss specifics so a quote can be determined.

Distance learning
Since time and travel expenses associated with appearances can be cost prohibitive, consider streaming a live video conference. As an online jazz piano class teacher, I'm very well setup to do this on my end. On your end, you'd need a projector or large TV and a robust internet connection.
Up to 2 hours: $175.00

Student Events

1. Piano

That’s Jazz or Creative Chords Student Master Class

Do your students use Bradley's books? Arrange a Bradley Sowash festival and give your students the thrill of learning directly from a leader in modern creative piano pedagogy.

Young jazz piano student.
  • Students prepare 2 pieces at their level from one of Bradley Sowash’s “That’s Jazz” Method, Performance or Christmas books.

  • Bradley Sowash offers students brief personalized coaching on their chosen pieces, in public.

  • A written evaluation of each performance is provided.

  • Students are motivated to prepare by the opportunity to meet the composer, take pictures, get autographs, etc.

  • The best masterclass students and Improvisation groups are invited to perform in a non-competitive public concert

  • Bradley Sowash “jams” along on a second piano with the students playing solo pieces.

  • The event concludes with Bradley Sowash then performing a short solo piano concert. His rare combination of improvisational virtuosity and accessible jazz has delighted listeners both here and abroad for over 30 years.

2. All Instruments

Eye players read music. Ear players improvise. To play contemporary music, students need experience in both yet improvisation is often missing from their curriculum. Rather than feel limited to reproducing the notes on the page, Sowash helps students understand how they came to be there in the first place by tapping into their creative music-making impulses.


Workshops for Church Musicians

How Sweet the Sound;
Amazing Chords
for church musicians

Balance eye and ear skills so you can enjoy making music without limitation beyond the hymnal or lead sheet. Choose to work with Bradley yourself at the keys or just watch Bradley “work miracles” with others.

This workshop offers classically trained church musicians first-hand experience in improvised keyboard styles including making the case for why jazz is particularly appropriate for worship.  Practical skills to be covered include chord symbol interpretation, an introduction to “stock” accompaniment styles, creating variations through embellishment and hands-on instruction in improvisation.  The session will also include master classes on Bradley Sowash’s hymn arrangements published by Augsburg Fortress.