Take Five trial lesson resources

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Lesson plan - PDF <— coming soon
Assignment - PDF <— a link will be added here after the class.

Warm up
Squared Scales - PDF
Squared Scales - *IRP
Chords Pencil Practice - PDF

Five Foot Two Prep Sheet - PDF <— coming soon
Five Foot Two - *IRP <— coming soon
Five Foot Two - MIDI <— coming soon
Five Foot Two - MP3 <— coming soon

* IRP stands for iRealPro, a very useful inexpensive app for viewing and generating chord charts that also plays many styles of backing tracks. I use it everyday and recommend it to all my students. Important: iRealPro files only work when they are downloaded on a device that already has the iRealPro app installed. 

I hope that after attending this first free class, you'll join us for the next four Take 5 classes in which you'll learn to play and improvise a more elaborate hotsy-totsy version of this 1920’s classic. Now, wouldn’t that just be the bees knees? Then learn a cool Daddy-0 version of the jazz classic, Take Five. By the end, you’ll have it made in the shade. Sign up now and enjoy the replay videos for a full year.


Bradley Sowash