Pianimals - PDF

Pianimals - PDF


Twelve graded solo piano selections with optional duet parts and fun poetry.


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Now here’s a book with something for everyone. Inspired by the charm and appeal of animal personae, Bradley Sowash’s jazzy music is further enhanced by original poetry. Twelve graded (late beginner to intermediate) selections means beginners can use it throughout their early music education. More advanced students will also find pieces well suited to their level and may enjoy sight-reading lower level selections. Teachers will appreciate the optional duet parts, which add focus and clarification to lessons as well as offering opportunities for students to play together.

Included studio license authorizes you to make copies as required for in-studio use only.

Levels: Late beginner to late intermediate
41 pages


  1. Chimp Swing – late beginner
  2. Madam Hippo – late beginner
  3. Penguins Rock – late beginner
  4. Unicorn Track s- early intermediate
  5. Jungle Birds – early intermediate
  6. Otterly Ridiculous – early intermediate
  7. Can You Kangaroo? – intermediate
  8. Foxy (view sample) – intermediate
  9. Ms. Camel – intermediate
  10. Snakes Aren’t Slippery - late intermediate
  11. Horse Sense - late intermediate
  12. Turtle Trot – late intermediate