Nothin' But Black Keys - PDF

Nothin' But Black Keys - PDF


Black key fun!

Level: Early Intermediate

This energetic tune proves that black keys are no big deal. The Gb major key signature may look scary but the notes easily fall under the fingers and the catchy melody makes for easy memorization.

Download includes a studio license authorizing you to print as many copies as required for you and/or your current students’ use.


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An interactive version of this music is also available in the SuperScore Music app on the iPad. SuperScore is a free app for viewing, managing, and musically interacting with your library of scores. When you purchase this product in the SuperScore Music Store within the app, you get a copy of the music that can be resized for optimal viewing, and it has my embedded MIDI recording. To purchase the music for use in SuperScore, follow this link to the SuperScore Music app and look for Bradley Sowash Music in the Store within the app.