Favorites & Holiday Songs Fake Book - hard copy

Favorites & Holiday Songs Fake Book - hard copy


A great way to introduce lead sheets to older students

I use this with my older students who want to get into interpreting a tune from just the chords and melody. It has 95 tunes in lead sheet format with large engraving for easier reading. At the beginning of every new tune there are two sets of chord diagrams, one basic, one more advanced, that show you exactly what notes are in each chord used in the tune. The more advanced charts show you commonly used substitutions that pros use to sound a little hipper rather than playing the basic chords. A unique feature is that every tune is in the key of C! That makes things even easier because you’ll tend to use many of the same chords over and over which really builds confidence in a hurry.

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Product Details:
Publisher: Houston Enterprises Press
183 pages, 9 x 12 inches