That's Jazz Method 1 - Getting Into It - hard copy

That's Jazz Method 1 - Getting Into It - hard copy


Welcome to the best-selling jazz piano method in the world!

That's Jazz is the perfect avenue for motivating late elementary & intermediate level students, while opening them up to the vital musical tradition and artistic expression of jazz. Whether teachers have limited jazz training or none at all, they can still feel confident leading students through their first experiences with jazz!

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By: Bradley Sowash
Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Late Beginner - early intermediate
40 pages & CD

Spare Change
Swing Out
Groovy Shoes
Burrito Cha-Cha
Blue Note Special
Triple Treat
Spring Fever

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Compare to:

Creative Chords is a comprehensive (theory, reading, technique, improvising...) method book designed for late beginners. It is a multi-style, multi-key, step-by-step approach that progresses slowly and thoughtfully. Theoretically, one could learn to play the piano with only this series on a desert island.

By contrast, That's Jazz is very specific to the jazz genre and is intended as a supplement to traditional methods. It progresses quickly technically since it is understood to be used with other books and approaches.


When students are exposed primarily to classical piano literature, they generally do not develop the ability to play and sight read jazz-oriented rhythms.  This series would be an excellent supplement to any traditional piano curriculum, and teenagers who are interested in jazz could learn a great deal from it.  Going through each of these books would also be an enjoyable way for teachers and adults to become more skilled in the area of jazz.  Anyone who plays these pieces will enjoy the authentic jazz sound of the melodies and harmonies as well as the complex rhythms.  – American Music Teacher

The series is a top quality resource for beginning improvisors who are comfortable with eighth notes. The most important contribution that Sowash makes in Getting Into It - and he begins making it almost immediately - is stating that jazz is about self-expression thru improvisation and then following up in each of the eight lessons with opportunities for beginning to express what you personally are feeling about this tune at this moment...In effect Sowash is presenting a way of making music which is based on personal resources and feelings, rather than on playing music, including transcriptions of someone else's creativity, exactly as written. Sowash compares improvising to a conversation in which you apply what you believe are appropriate resources to that particular context. - Piano World

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