That's Jazz Book 2 mp3 backing tracks

That's Jazz Book 2 mp3 backing tracks


Play along with the band!

The CD that comes with all three That’s Jazz core method books already includes solo and duet audio tracks. Now, you can “play-with-the-band” on all eight That’s Jazz Book 2 tunes. Highly recommended for solo pianists to learn ensemble skills such as maintaining a steady beat and listening while playing with others.

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This audio download does not include a studio license. While teachers are welcome to play the tracks during lessons. Student copies for home practice must be purchased separately.How to open this download

How to open this download

These mp3 audio tracks are compressed into a zip file to reduce the download size.

To open on a computer - After downloading, simply double click the zip file on more recent Macs and PCs.

To open an iPhone or iPad - You can either move the unzipped files from your computer to your device or download it directly to your device from the email that was sent with your download link. Here’s an article that explains how.

Older computers and devices - Additional software or an app such as WinZip may be necessary. If you feel unsure how to do work with zip files, you may want to forgo this purchase.

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