Wedding Tune - Solo Piano - PDF

Wedding Tune - Solo Piano - PDF


New, yet familiar-sounding wedding music.

Somewhat reminiscent of Pachelbel’s famous Canon in D, it's a good fit for contemporary couples who want a ceremonial character but wish to avoid the cliche of traditional wedding marches. 

Download includes a photocopy license authorizing you to print as many copies as required for your personal and/or institutional use.  

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I originally wrote this classically-influenced piece as a string quartet for my own wedding. Thirty-five years later, my oldest daughter asked me to reset it for solo piano for her wedding and so here it is! 

  • Pianistically considerate, the patterned figures feel good under the fingers. 

  • A 4-measure introduction and clearly heard sections can serve as cues for timing the bride and groom’s entrance.

  • Built in repeats are designed to cycle as needed for longer processionals or be cut and still sound musically coherent. 

  • Chord symbols are included as a reader's "safety net" or to facilitate improvisation.