Let Your Music Out - Creative Strings - PDF

Let Your Music Out - Creative Strings - PDF


The sound of the 60’s rock a la I’m a Believer on strings – too cool!

LEVEL: Intermediate

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Violin, Viola, Cello/Double Bass, Optional Piano
String Quartet, String Orchestra

Score, Set of Parts

About the Creative Strings Collection
Eye players read music.  Ear players improvise.  Today’s well-rounded students need instruction in both. Creative Strings is a collection of works designed to lead beginning to advanced students through their first experiences as improvisers.

Each piece is composed of four parts that can roughly be described as melody, harmony, accompaniment and bass line.  All four parts are available for the violin, viola and cello. The bass has one part. An optional piano part is also provided. The the ideal  distribution is Vln. 1, Vln. 2, Vla. 3, and Cello 4. However the intentionally redundant parts allow for flexible combinations of instruments. If for example, no violas or cellos are available, a violin choir could still cover the parts.  The same would hold true for a non-traditional quartet such as 3 violins and 1 cello or any other grouping. Overlapping parts can also be used to equalize an unbalanced orchestra such as 20 violins and 1 viola player by having some of the violins double the viola part.