Septendecim - String Quartet - PDF

Septendecim - String Quartet - PDF


A grab-you-by-the-throat, rhythmic audience-pleaser.

For the past few years, I've been particularly interested in integrating the hot licks, vamps, blues patterns and grooves found in jazz with the techniques of thematic development and complex forms associated with classical composition.  My fascination with combining these two approaches has led to some very interesting commissions by professional chamber groups seeking well-constructed "art" music that is nevertheless influenced by popular styles which I was thrilled to accept because it drew upon both my formal composition training and my background as a jazz pianist and big band arranger. The resulting highly rhythmic, complex, surprising and yet, familiar music has been enthusiastically received by both classical and pop leaning audiences nationwide. Completed on my youngest daughter Molly “Mooks” Sowash’s seventeenth birthday, Septendecim is dedicated to her. – Bradley Sowash

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Nominated for a Grammy in 2013. Placed fourth in the Clefworks Composition Competition.