In the Moment CD

In the Moment CD


Some find it through silence. I arrive there through intensity. I may be running hard, lost in a flurry of piano notes, or halfway down a ski slope when, suddenly, I am intensely aware and feel, somehow, more fully alive. In The Moment is inspired by times such as these and the events that lead up to them. – Bradley Sowash

This CD is for you if you find inspiration in joyful instrumental music. (51:44) 

Eco-friendly: Case is printed on recycled cardboard.

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1. In the Moment
2. Far and Near
3. Molly’s Morning
4. Steps to the Soul
5. Cowboy Theory
6. Glide Zone
7. Buskers, Boats, and Boxes
8. Burying Home
9. Noodle Soup
10. Domaine Nouveau
11. Out the Window
12. Ash Cave


Morehouse Publishing, March 2001

Critically acclaimed composer and performer Bradley Sowash blends contemporary jazz with classical stylings in these spirited solo piano pieces. Fast-paced, lyrical selections in which Sowash beautifully captures the pleasure of life’s most intense moments.

Wind and Wire, March 1999

A jubilant third CD from one of the most dynamic pianists around, In The Moment exudes optimism without any trace of sugarcoating. There are bittersweet moments, but there is always a sense of contentment and of moving forward. The title cut opens the CD with an exuberant run down the piano keyboard and a joyful development. Off to a great start! Far and Near is nostalgic and touching in its sweetness and simplicity. Burying Home starts with a slow, gentle melody as well as occasional cascades of broken chords, and evolves into a wistful but rhythmic Taps; I’d love to know the story behind this one! Noodle Soup is a lazy, bluesy improvisation. Domaine Nouveau opens with a kind of questioning feeling that I think most of us sense when moving to a new home, but evolves into a jazzy, gospel romp - everything is going to be fine here! Steps to the Soul and Out the Window are more introspective. Ash Cave is mysterious and more abstract. This is obviously a wonderful mixed bag of piano solos, and Bradley Sowash has mentioned that he’s been advised to make his recordings more homogenous and in one mood. I, for one, am glad he continues to rebel against this commercial formula. A very multi-faceted artist, I love seeing the many pianistic sides of Bradley’s music, and hope he’ll continue to follow his muse in any way he sees fit! A great, meaty CD! - Kathy Parsons

New Age Retailer, Sept. 99

Bradley Sowash bills himself as "the thinking man's pianist," and with the elegant, lyrical compositions he composes and performs, I can see why. Given the rich tapestry of emotions he weaves during the course of In The Moment, though, he's certainly a lot more than that. I've been following Sowash's career for several years now, and I can attest to his growing maturity as a composer and performer. His uncompromising integrity as an artist shines through on each track, making In The Moment one of the best solo piano albums of 1999. "Steps to the Soul" combines heart-stopping technical virtuosity with melodic hooks. "Out the Window" also showcases Sowash's mastery of the ivories while creating a lively sense of play. Even with the abundance of solo piano music available, I strongly encourage you to give In The Moment a careful listen. It's that good. - Steve Ryals