Bittersweet CD

Bittersweet CD


Your mother was right when she said, “You will never know how much your parents loved you until you have children of your own.” With this CD, I’ve attempted to capture in music the bittersweet joys of life. – Bradley Sowash

This CD is for you if you seek calming, peaceful music but require more sophistication than commonly associated with the solo piano genre. (64:39)

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1. First Light
2. Thirty-Three
3. Bittersweet
4. Red Ball Jets
5. Pinky’s Dream
6. Summer’s Last Song
7. Clear Air
8. Sodie
9. Bijou
10. Just For Fun
11. Blackberry Winter
12. Daedalus
13. L’Aventure
14. Take It On Faith


"A beautiful and mesmerizing mix of New Age, Classical and Jazz styles, wrapped up in the delicate but earthy sounds of the piano, delivered with the sweetness of George Winston and the sophistication of Keith Jarrett."
New Age Voice
"These lyrical piano inventions by Bradley Sowash are , indeed, bittersweet. The melodies seem familiar enough to make you lean back trustingly--but just as you do, Sowash pull out some brilliant touch that pulls you to the edge of your seat. On his Bosendorfer grand, Sowash can afford to be brash ("Thirty-Three"), and even the tenderist moments of the title cut have a strength that will not let you go. Sowash covers a lot of emotional territory: funky on "Red Ball Jets," moody and dour on "Pinky's Dream," trampolinic on "Summers Last Song," last-call-blues on "Bijou," and poignant on "Blackberry Winter." The album is not so over-produced that the sense of live performer is lost. Try a few cuts; you'll probably stay for the whole album. - Carol Wright

New Age Retailer
I reviewed Sowash's previous album, Out West, back in 1994. A terrifically talented composer and piano player, Sowash has eschewed the ensemble setting of Out West to gift us with a superb solo effort. The 14 tracks on Bittersweet comprise over an hour of music, giving us ample opportunity to sit back and enjoy this gifted artist. The album's title derives from Sowash's experience of raising his two daughters. The sweetness of having such lovely children is tempered by the knowledge that they grow up so fast, and then they're gone to live of their own. I'm sure all of us who are parents have experienced similar emotions, and that makes the sublime poignancy of Sowash's compositions all the more irresistable. For lovers of contemporary solo piano, Bittersweet is sure to become a favorite. - Steve Ryals

Aquarius (Georgia)
Bradley Sowash's solo piano style on Bittersweet is influenced by Oscar Peterson, Lyle Mays and Keith Jarrett, among others, resulting in a strong jazz presence in his improvisations on themes of maturing into adulthood. "Summer's Last Song" sounds a lot like the familiar piano refrain they use between breaks on National Public Radio's newscasts. He wistfully recalls "Red Ball Jets," the pre-superstar gym shoes, the simple pleasures of "Blackberry Winter" and Clean Air," while another cut pays homage to the flight of the ill-fated "Daedalus" before ending strongly with "Take It On Faith."  - Dan Liss

Omega New Age Directory
"14 original piano compositions that tug the heartstrings with fond remembrances of home and hearth are offered in this solo piano release from Bradley Sowash. Whether displaying the intricate fingering of George Winston or chording reminiscent of John Boswell, Bradley presents each composition with a great depth of emotion and technical mastery, creating sentimental soundscapes of warmth and beauty that are highly recommended to all lovers of solo piano music."

spirit of change magazine
An artist's voice in the context of solo instrumental performance can be unique as that of any singer. So it is with Bittersweet, where pianist Bradley Sowash performs 14 songs in the 3 - 5 minute range that deserve to be called "songs" as opposed to mere musical tracks. Each has a distincitive melody and lyrical spirit capable of accompaniment by any singer. Sowash's playing is sweet and lightly sentimental, with some jazz swing poking through from time to time. Overall a very warm and agreeable presentation. - John Collinge

"I found this beautiful solo piano CD absolutely delightful! The 14 pieces are interesting and intelligent. Sowash really captures a certain realism in these compositions. Upbeat and bittersweet! I didn't want it to end." - Christina Lord

The Edge (Twin Cities)
"Bittersweet captures a range of emotons that make it easy listening like the retelling of a favorite family story." - Mary Sturgis

Awareness Magazine, (San Diego)
"Sowash has magic fingers that roam freely on the keys, a freedom that is a genuine conveyance of love. It is this love that makes "Bittersweet"endearing and true to its intention, very impressive indeed."  - Chuck Diliberto

The Monthly Aspectarian (Chicago)
"With its invitingly homey cover art and contemplative mood, this solo piano album makes excellent seasonal listening. Similar to George Winston's style, Sowash's unaccompanied performances enable him to spontaneously incorporate a wide variety of timely influences; the result is sweetly conversational, like the shared memories of a dear friend over a piping hot cup of tea. You can almost hear the fireplace crackle as Sowash instrumentally elaborates a tale of Blackberry Winter" or waxes nostalgic over "Red Ball Jets." But what sets this album apart from the pack is its superb sound quality; close your eyes and you could swear that Bradley's playing the ivories just behind your chair. Enjoy this private concert whenever you want to cherish memories of home." - PJ Birosik