That's Jazz Method 2 - Digging Deeper - hard copy

That's Jazz Method 2 - Digging Deeper - hard copy


Welcome to the best selling jazz piano method in the world!

Early intermediate
48 pages & CD

That's Jazz is the perfect avenue for motivating elementary & intermediate level students, while opening them up to the vital musical tradition and artistic expression of jazz. Whether teachers have limited jazz training or none at all, they can still feel confident leading students through their first experiences with jazz!

That's Jazz is for you if: 
You want to get into jazz for the first time. You want to play music by ear. You want to learn how to improvise. You just want to have fun playing jazz tunes! You want to learn skills that will help you become a jazz pianist!

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Take it For Granite
History of Flight
Flint and Steel
Get Up, Get Ready
Primal Beat
Math Whiz
Repeat After Me
Farmer's Market

Thank you for the making the books and webinars available. It’s doing a tremendous service for those of us who never had an opportunity to learn anything except classical music. It’s definitely going to revolutionize my teaching style and it opens a door to a whole new world of music and a new way of looking at and teaching music theory and history.
— Rachel W.

Compare to:

Creative Chords is a comprehensive (theory, reading, technique, improvising...) method book designed for late beginners. It is a multi-style. multi-key, step-by-step approach that progresses slowly and thoughtfully. Theoretically, one could learn to play the piano with only this series on a desert island.

By contrast, That's Jazz is very specific to the jazz genre and is intended as a supplement to traditional methods. It progresses quickly technically since it is understood to be used with other books and approaches.

By: Bradley Sowash
Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company