Online Lessons

Learn to improvise in live online lessons.

Want to have more fun playing or teaching piano? Learn to “do your own thing” with Pop, Blues, and Jazz standards.

  • These are interactive “live” group lessons, not pre-produced videos.
  • Watch replay videos of lessons you miss or want to review on YouTube (group lessons only).
  • 8-week terms have clear pre-set topics, tunes, and takeaways.
  • No long-longterm commitment.
  • 75-minute “one-hour” classes include a 15 minute buffer to allow for potential tech glitches that are inherent to the internet and a “softer” end point.
  • Multiple angles: see instructor’s face, piano keys, and instant notated examples.
  • Opt for active participation on or watch passively off camera (group lessons only).
  • Share videos and network with fellow participants in a private Facebook group
Nobody teaches improv like Bradley Sowash. He has a knack for chopping up creative concepts in ways “the rest of us” can understand.
— Leila Viss
Bradley Sowash is that rare combination of a great musician AND a great teacher. I have invested in several of his workshops and webinars and have found them highly worth it. My improv skills have taken a giant leap forward. I am much better at reading and understanding chord charts. I am more confident in playing pop, boogie and jazz.
— Maureen

Choose an option to learn more:

1. Jazz/Pop Online Group Lessons – Creative instruction for intermediate to early advanced “recovering” classical pianists interested in learning to play off page.  
2. Individual “a la carte” lessons – one-on-one lessons arranged on an “as available” basis online or in-person.

    These lessons are GOLD to me. I can’t thank you enough for putting this together for us.
    — Andrea Z.
    Thank you so much for offering this class. I am loving it. You are doing a fabulous job. It is the music therapy I needed.
    — Vashti S.

    Questions? Read these online lesson FAQs or contact me.