Academic Year Online Class Discounts

(Not applicable to summer classes.)

Which one applies to you?

Tax break - Keep in mind that continuing education is a tax write off. Save your emailed receipt for accounting.

$25 Returning student rebate – Students who have previously enrolled in any previous paid online jazz piano class with Bradley Sowash qualify for $25 off! To redeem this offer, pay the full amount. Then notify us to remind/confirm your status. Your discount rebate will be credited to your credit card. 

$25 Professional educator rebate – Music teachers who belong to a professional trade organization such as MTNA, Inner Circle, NAfME… qualify for a $25 discount. And yes, returning student and professional educator discounts can be combined. To redeem this offer, pay the full amount and email us a picture of your member card or similar proof of membership. Your discount rebate will be credited to your credit card.

$100 Two class discount - Enroll in two classes at once and enjoy a $100 price reduction! To redeem this offer, be sure to select the two class option at checkout (rather than checking two classes individually). The two class price reduction is already built into the tuition price.

New: The two-class $100 built-in price reduction can now be combined with other per class discounts for potential savings of $200.
Returning student = $50 rebate. ($25 off x 2 classes)
Professional educator = $50 rebate.($25 off x 2 classes)
Both = $100 rebate.

Recurring payments - If you enrolled in our recurring payment plan, the discounts above work a bit differently in the form of a rebate at the end of the 16-week billing cycle.

Tim Topham's Inner Circle Members - Offer and coupon codes may vary. Check here for the latest offer. Note that this discount cannot combined with other discounts or offers. If you are not a member, learn more about Inner Circle here.


More ways to save money

  • MTNA Teacher Enrichment Grants - Apply here for an MTNA teacher enrichment grant to apply to jazz piano classes.

  • Tax Write-Off - Professional development is a business expense. Be sure to include tuition in your accounting. Receipts and certificates provide proof-of-purchase.

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