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O Christmas Tree trial lesson & resources

Thanks for signing up to watch the replay of my 2017 trial class about how to jazz up O Christmas Tree. You'll find the replay video and associated resources below. 

Please do not share this page. Rather, direct any piano buddies you think would enjoy it to sign up the same way you did.

I hope you'll consider enrolling in either or both of the new courses coming up in January. 


Bradley Sowash


2017 trial lesson replay



Intro to Jazz Standards

Intro to Jazz Standards

Play selections from my handpicked list of must-know “starter” standards while learning essential elements of jazz and improvisation.

Audio tracks

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Funky Beats

Learn to combine layered sixteenth note riffs and bass lines with richly colored extended jazz chords on classic funk tunes in live online group jazz piano classes.

iRealPro is a very useful $12.99 app for viewing and generating chord charts for that also plays many styles of backing tracks. I use it everyday and recommend it to all my students. Important: iRealPro files only work when they are downloaded on a device that already has the iRealPro app installed. 

Scaling the Triads - IRP
Scaling the 7ths - IRP

O Christmas Tree Basic - IRP (updated 11/28)
O Christmas Tree Traditional - IRP
O Christmas Tree Jazzy - IRP (updated 11/28)

MIDI files require software, apps, or a MIDI-equipped digital pianos such as the Clavinova.

Scaling the Triads - MIDI
Scaling the 7ths - MIDI

O Christmas Tree Basic - MIDI
O Christmas Tree Traditional - MID
O Christmas Tree Jazzy - MIDI

MP3 files should open on any device.

Scaling the Triads - MP3
Scaling the 7ths - MP3

O Christmas Tree Basic - MP3
O Christmas Tree Traditional - MP3
O Christmas Tree Jazzy - MP3