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Jazz piano for the rest of us.

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How many times have you opened a jazz book only to be instantly overwhelmed with crazy-hard advanced concepts? The logical conclusion is that the genre is either too hard for mere mortals or involves some kind of mysterious ability that only gifted people possess. Not true! It only takes about 10% talent. The other 90% is stuff anyone can learn with the right tools and individual coaching but that other stuff is hard to find. Let me show you the sophisticated tunes, jazz chords, creative concepts, and lesser-known techniques used by jazz piano pros.

Learn to improvise online

Jazz piano student discusses online learning experience.

  • Study with a seasoned teacher who understands the mindset of classically-trained pianists.

  • Watch replay videos of lessons you miss or want to review.

  • Build your skills with organized, pre-set topics, tunes, and takeaways.

  • Take a single class or stay onboard; no long term commitment.

  • See it all with multiple camera angles and the latest teaching technology.

  • Opt for active participation on or watch passively off camera (group lessons only).

  • Share practice videos for individual feedback in a private Facebook group

Choose an option to learn more:

  1. Online Jazz Piano Class– For intermediate to early advanced “recovering” classical pianists interested in learning to play off page.

  2. Individual “a la carte” lessons – Temporary one-on-one lessons arranged on an “as available” basis online or in-person.

  3. 88 Creative Keys - Workshops and webinars to help pianists play and teach more creatively.


  • Understand pop/jazz chord symbols and voicings.

  • Play “stock” solo piano styles from a lead sheet.

  • Embellish, improvise, and customize well-known tunes.

  • Layer bass, harmony, and melody for a full “hand band” sound.

  • Stretch 32-bar tunes into an extended performances.

Leila Viss
Nobody teaches improv like Bradley Sowash. He has a knack for chopping up creative concepts in ways “the rest of us” can understand.
— Leila (CO)
Marcy DeMarco Davis
Thanks so much, Bradley for offering this course and being such an awesome teacher. These tools have enriched my musical life, and I will be processing this stuff for a long time to come.
— Marcy (OR)

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Your video made a lot of sense to me regarding improvisation and jazz, for the first time! I am a classical music trained pianist with a BA Hons Degree in Performance and Teaching and I always had trouble with improvisation. I started many times on books but every time I gave up! I got more knowledge from you in 45 minutes than I got in my entire career of 20 years! So I will have a go to see how far I go. In today’s teaching at all ages and levels everybody wants to learn to improvise so I have to do something.
— Anne (United Kingdom)

Jenni on her online jazz piano class.

I have enjoyed your teaching style, your mastery of the technology for online lessons (we have to keep up!) and the fact that you follow up all the emails and Facebook posts finding worthwhile praise and constructive criticism. You can tell you are dedicated and passionate musician and teacher. I feel lucky to have found you.
— Jen (Australia)
Maureen, piano student
Bradley Sowash is that rare combination of a great musician AND a great teacher. I have invested in several of his workshops and webinars and have found them highly worth it. My improv skills have taken a giant leap forward. I am much better at reading and understanding chord charts. I am more confident in playing pop, boogie and jazz.
— Maureen (CA)

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