Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me


Joyful and celebratory!

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This jazz combo/choral arrangement begins with the piano and soloist laying out a quiet slow gospel waltz. However, when the choir joins in with an enthusiastic “Yes! Jesus Loves Me,” the congregation knows this is not your Grandma’s version of this Sunday school classic. The work then continues in a jazz waltz feel until a sudden stop where the piano sets up a funky back beat feel and the music really starts to kick! A key change near the end moves the energy up even further for a really big ending. It will take more than one rehearsal to put it together but it’s worth it to see their smiles of appreciation. 

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Jazz quintet (Bb trumpet, Bb tenor sax, piano, bass, drums) and optional choir.
Written so the choir can be accompanied with just solo piano, jazz trio or the full quintet.