A la carte lessons

Individual online “a la carte” lessons offer a temporary means to supplement group lessons for students wishing for extra instruction on a particular musical challenge, piano teachers desiring creative pedagogy instruction, and/or musicians needing emergency assistance to prepare for auditions, recitals, or gigs. Individual lessons are scheduled subject to availability at an instructional rate of $88 per lesson. (Get it? 1.00 per piano key.) 

  • Payment is required prior to each lesson. 
  • Tuition is the same for online and in-person lessons.
  • Makeups and refunds are not available for individual lessons.

To arrange an a la carte lesson time,

  1. Contact us to schedule lesson time(s).
  2. Please pay for your lesson(s) here.
  3. An invitation to a Google Hangout will be sent to you by email about 5 minutes before the lesson.

By enrolling in lessons, you acknowledge the you understand and agree to the following:
Refund Policy - Since it’s not possible to return access links and resources once they are sent to registrants, no refunds can be offered. Thanks for understanding.
Swapping is prohibited - Dropping a course in favor of another (or individual lessons) once it begins is not possible for the same reasons as the refund policy above.
Personal Release - Videos or photos of your likeness and your written words such as questions or testimonials may be copied, exhibited, published or distributed without compensation and you waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein your likeness appears. 
Note: Bradley Sowash Music does not process credit-cards or retain any financial information. All transactions are processed by PayPal and you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use your credit card.

Thank you very much for the lesson yesterday. It was fun and inspiring! The way your teaching is easy to understand which is very important to me.
— Miki
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Read online lesson FAQs and/or contact us.