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Much more than just lessons:

Class - Live multi-camera instruction from a well-respected expert in improvisation that can be viewed again and again on private replay video links.

Facebook group - Individual feedback on shared practice videos and community support in a very active private Facebook group associated with the class.

Resources - detailed handouts, musical examples, backing tracks, and support videos.

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Two steps to Summer Blues mastery:

Step 1
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  • A replay is available if you miss it or want to review.
  • Includes an exclusive discount coupon code for full courses to be revealed at the end of the class.
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5/11/18 at 11am - 12:15pm EST

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Summer Blues Class Descriptions

Step 2

Enroll in one or more courses.
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Intro to Blues Piano
from 250.00

Recommended for those who are new to piano blues styles or could use a review.

Learn to play two celebrated piano blues styles in this accelerated class distilled from longer courses.
1. We’ll begin with boogie-woogie styles that became popular in 20’s, were adapted to swing styles in the 30s, and eventually evolved into early Rock styles.
2. Next, we’ll focus on the Slow Shuffle Blues associated with Muddy Waters, B.B. King and other blues greats.

Four 75-minute classes
May 16, 30, June 13, 27
11:00 am Eastern, Compare to your time zone.
1 course: $250. Both courses: $400 (20% discount)

One or both courses:
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Jazz Blues Piano
from 250.00

Recommended for those with some experience playing blues and who understand 7th, 9th, and 13th chords.

Learn how 1950’s artists including Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk transformed the basic blues into today’s “jazz blues” by adding more chords, walking bass lines and other creative concepts. Then delve into 1960’s blues innovations including new time signatures, minor keys, and funky grooves by the likes of Miles Davis, Oliver Nelson and Herbie Hancock.

Four 75-minute classes
May 16, 30, June 13, 27
1:30 pm Eastern, Compare to your time zone.
1 course: $250. Both courses: $400 (20% discount)

One or both courses:
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Not sure in which class to enroll?
Intro to Blues Piano is for those with limited or no experience playing or teaching Blues. Jazz Blues Piano is for those who have a pretty good handle on Blues. Both courses will include cool bass lines, riffs, licks from all major Blues genres. But the Jazz Blues dips into thin air a bit. Get in touch if you need help deciding. 



1. Returning student rebate – Students who have previously enrolled in a paid online jazz piano class with me qualify for $25 off! To redeem this offer, pay the full amount. Then notify me so I can refund the amount of the discount. 
2. Professional educator rebate – Music teachers who belong to a professional trade organization qualify for a $25 discount. To confirm your status, email a picture of your membership card to a trade association such as MTNA, NAfME, or ASTA… And yes, Returning student and Professional educator discounts can be combined. To redeem this offer, pay the full amount. Then notify me so I can refund the amount of the discount.
Tip: Keep in mind that continuing education is also a tax write off.
3. Two classes at once - Enroll in two classes at once and receive a whopping 20% discount! Note that this offer cannot be combined with other discounts. To redeem offer, select the two class option at checkout rather than checking two classes individually. 


Considering the high level of student/teacher interaction between classes, the way I teach online is completely different than the traditional "per lesson" cost-benefit analysis. It's much more like a college class with labs and office hours between lectures. It's also the only way many people can even find instruction in improvisation since jazz teachers are much rarer than traditional teachers.

Academic Year - $500 for 8 lessons spaced over approx. 16 weeks depending on how holidays fall on the calendar. 

Summer - $250 for 4 lessons spaced every other week.


  • Interactive 75-minute classes with multi cameras, screen sharing, and educational software.
  • Replay videos for classes you miss or want to review that don’t expire until Aug. 30.
  • Highly detailed PDF handouts that are constantly updated.
  • Lesson plans, and assignments for each class.
  • Optional membership in our private Facebook group from the class beginning through Aug. 30.
  • Custom backing tracks for practicing with a simulated band.
  • Quick responses to your questions and videos M-F. 
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Overhead: administrative assistance, advertising, equipment...
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Piano teachers share their thoughts...

Students share their thoughts...


Natasha talks about her online jazz piano class. 

Bradley Sowash you are the best teacher I ever had, learning SO much!
— Natasha (CA)
Lynette piano teacher and student.jpg
Unbelievable experience filled with everything I hoped to get and so much more! And I love that I can use all of this and keep “digging deeper”. The processing is such a journey. My mind has been blown! Thank you Bradley!
— Lynnette (NV)

Kristin talks about online jazz piano class.

You know, I can’t say enough great things about Bradley!
— Kristin F. (CA)
Your love of music has always been energetic and compelling, Bradley. You were meant to share that passion
— Devon (OH)
TonyaSouthwick Square.jpg
I began lessons with you because I wanted to be able to pour out everything, to express it all, within the safety of the keyboard and the music I love. I would be remiss in not telling you that I have actually realized that dream, and am very grateful to you.
— Tonya S. (OH)
Deidre has never missed a course.
Your organized, upbeat and supportive teaching examples have broadened my teaching skills. I am addicted to your improvisational approach and pedagogical style. Thank you for making creative music fun and rewarding for me and for my students!!!
— Deidre (NV)

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