Shuffle Blues - PDF

Shuffle Blues - PDF


Learn to play and improvise in an authentic shuffle Blues style.


  • Overview and history of Blues piano styles.

  • Blues theory, scales and chords.

  • Fully notated blues composition.

  • Detailed instruction for right-hand licks and left-hand bass lines.

  • Blues exercises to develop muscle memory for blues scales and licks.

  • Big glossary of Blues licks.

  • Tips on form including playing intros and outros.

Download includes a studio license authorizing you to print as many copies as required for you and/or your current students’ use.

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  • The difference between Shuffle Blues and other Blues piano styles.
  • To read and improvise on a fully notated blues arrangement.
  • An array of left hand accompaniment patterns.
  • Exercises to help common Blues hands positions sink into your muscle memory.
  • Blues scales (there's more than one).
  • Blues form: what to play after the melody...
  • Carefully notated authentic licks. 
  • Common intros, turnarounds, and outros.

Also includes these seldom-discussed Blues concepts:

  • Blues tetrachords.
  • Walking 10th bass lines.

In short, the shuffle blues eBook has everything you need to play authentically blues on the piano except for practice time. You'll have to supply that yourself!