Preparing Pianists for Jazz Band - PDF

Preparing Pianists for Jazz Band - PDF


How does a pianist move from practicing alone to playing in a jazz band? This PDF explains the skills needed to play in the rhythm section of a larger jazz ensemble including how to voice chords, what scales to play when improvising, and stock accompaniments and grooves for the main jazz styles.

Download includes a studio license authorizing you to print as many copies as required for you and/or your current students’ use.

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I get a lot of requests from classically-trained piano teachers for help on teaching this topic. I hope to write a whole book on this topic. In the meantime, here is a hodgepodge of teaching tips, jazz scales and chord drills distilled from my presentations to help meet the demand. So, while it's a work-in-progress (and the price reflects that), the advice within (garnered from first-hand experience as a lifelong jazzer) is good stuff.