Lead Sheet Challenge with 10 copy license - PDF

Lead Sheet Challenge with 10 copy license - PDF

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Leveled lead sheets and ready-made festival rolled into one!

Students to learn and demonstrate practical skills used by professional gigging pianists. Select from two sets of 10 levels of lead sheets (20 total!), each with sample stock accompaniment styles, improvisation tips, and fully-notated teacher sheets. Then, test their skills by playing both "Prepared" and "At-Sight" lead sheets in a friendly competition.

Download includes a studio license authorizing you to copy or print not more than 10 copies of Lead Sheet Challenge as required for up to current students’ use. To copy/print more for larger studios or festivals, please purchase additional copies on the honor system.

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How to use Lead Sheet Challenge

1. Guide your students through beginning to late intermediate lead sheets with sample stock accompaniments and improvisation tips. 

2. Compare their interpretations with fully-notated secret teacher realizations. 

3. Host a friendly "Lead Sheet Challenge," event where students play both “Prepared" and "At-Sight" lead sheets before a sympathetic judge.

60 pages includes:

- 10 leveled student "Prepared" lead sheets w/sample accompaniment styles and improvisation challenges.
- 10 leveled student "At Sight" lead sheets w/sample accompaniment styles and improvisation challenges.
- 20 "Prepared" lead sheet realizations
- 20 "At Sight" lead sheet realizations
- Directions
- Chord glossary
- Judge’s rubric
- Evaluation sheet

Prepared Lead Sheet Contents

All originals specifically written to prepare the At-Sight lead sheets.

Level - Title
0 - Skips and Steps
1  - Skipping Up and Down
2  - Stuck in My Ear
3  - Bawl Babies
4  - Alberti Know-How
5  - Twirling
6  - Wash Rag
7  - Rotten Day Blues
8  - What Piano Teachers Think
9  - Blow, Blow, the Whistle Blows
10  - Fortune Teller

At Sight Lead Sheet Contents

All well-known tunes... Shhh. Don’t let you students see these or they won’t be sight reading!

0 - (No At Sight for Preparatory level)
1 - Lightly Row
2  - Skip to My Lou
3  - This Old Man
4  - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
5  - Home on the Range
6  - The Entertainer
7  - St. Louis Blues
8  - Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In
9  - It Takes a Worried Man
10  - St. Louis Blues (tango section)