Going Further with Lead Sheets - PDF

Going Further with Lead Sheets - PDF


So you can play the chords and melody on a lead sheet. Now what? This 29-page PDF shows you how to expand Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star from a simple tune to a full sounding professional arrangement by “faking” the rest of the details including accompaniment styles, embellishment, and Improvisation. 

Download includes a studio license authorizing you to print as many copies as required for you and/or your current students’ use.

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Customer Comments:

"In this book, you review/learn: chords in lead-sheet format; chord inversions; accompaniment styles; basic improvisation techniques using chord tones, pentatonic scale, and scale fragments; intro and outro possibilities and possible combinations to complete all the reviewed concepts. All of these concepts presented in a deliciously appetizing sequence!

For "dessert," the bonus section presents some tastes of more advanced styles of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" including Latin, Swing (comp/walking bass), more lyrical styles in 3/4 and 4/4, boogie, ballad, and others using chord substitutions or rootless shell voicings (3-7 voicings).

This book is excellent for many levels. For beginning students, the teacher could discuss Theme and Variations, using the RH melody with repeated notes, neighbor notes, fill notes, and combining them. For young students, the C major pentatonic scale could be separated into both hands to create their own variation while the teacher accompanies. Intermediate-level students could focus on the chords, inversions, basic accompaniment styles, while trying the pentatonic scales and chord tones with classical ornaments. More advanced students with some improvisation experience could improvise using combinations of pentatonic and the complete C major scale while experimenting with the more advanced accompaniment patterns and styles included.

As an easy-to-use reference that provides extra creativity ideas using a familiar song, the teacher can apply this step-by-step approach to other songs. Consequently, the student can learn to express himself (or herself) by embellishing, improvising, and enhancing other pieces, while having fun.
" - Bronwyn

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