Drumming for Teachers - PDF

Drumming for Teachers - PDF


Music teachers:
Have fun supporting your students with a hand drum!

Are you looking for better ways to help your students keep a steady beat?

Do you sometimes feel a little bored while your students are playing their pieces?


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This 9-page PDF shows you how to accompany your students on a hand drum by playing easy clearly-notated patterns. No previous drumming experience is necessary.


Student musicians who regularly play with others learn to:
•    Share a common pulse.
•    Start anywhere in a piece.
•    Receive count-ins and cue others.
•    Communicate with their bodies.
•    Shrug off mistakes since everyone makes them. 
•    How to stay with the group despite mistakes.

Advantages for Teachers
•    Save lesson time – No more searching for and twiddling with the metronome.
•    Model musicality without so much “teacher talk.”
•    Avoid burnout - It’s more fun to play along than just sitting there.
•    Work on their own musicianship - It’s like sneaking in a little practice.
•    Emphasize cadences and form - improvised fills and body language teach phrasing.

Includes a photocopy license for in-studio use.