Solo jazz piano or quintet concerts

Infusing rhythmic power and melodic appeal into each original piece, Sowash has a knack for capturing the essence of the moment. Sharing humorous and touching stories from his life experiences between soulful performances, he forges even greater connections with listeners. Each concert contains a few recognizable standards, hymns or folk songs, yet he is most known for instilling feelings that words leave untouched into his original compositions, playing with broad strokes and structured abandon.

Bradley Sowash concerts combine instance audience rapport and improvisational virtuosity.

All my concerts include a few familiar jazz standards, but I most enjoy reaching for feelings that words leave untouched in my original compositions. My stories are also an integral part of every performance which sets up a rapport with listeners. (I’m like a singer-songwriter except that my “lyrics” are between songs.) I talk about humorous or touching experiences as a parent, gigging musician, sailor, horseman, nature lover and traveler. It all connects to my melodies making for an intimate connection with my listeners.
— Bradley Sowash

Superb jazz musicians bring flair and personality to best-loved American hymns and spirituals.

Bradley Sowash brings a lot of robust energy and fun to his orchestral appearances.  


Sowash‘s music powerfully conjures the moods.
— The Village Voice
He can really move an audience along with zest and wit.
— Billboard Magazine
You were absolutely outstanding in every way! What a treat to finally get to hear you perform, and what GREAT improvisations you shared with us. ‘Twas both inspiring and great fun!
— Dennis Alexander, acclaimed educational piano composer and clinician
A lot of people don’t know themselves. You know yourself and you have a beautiful soul. Your music is just the vehicle you use to show us your soul.
— Lisa (a fan)
I just want you to know I was totally blown away by your concert. You are such a phenomenal musician and artistic performer. I was so amazed by so many aspects of your artistry… I just want you to know you now have another HUGE fan. I hope we get to know each other better.
— Ingrid Clarfield, pianist, author, lifetime achievement awards winner
You are modeling the kind of unique, personal, interactive concert that has largely been forgotten in the classical tradition. In a way, your concerts are more like the concerts of a younger Franz Liszt than a modern all-Liszt program!
— Forrest Kinney, Author of the Pattern Play series
I know lots of amazing jazz musicians/educators and you are one of them, and also quite different. You bring a unique individuality with your own music style that is really a hybrid of so many things, and that really came across in your concert big time… …You really do connect with the teachers, they love you! Then add the musicianship – its pretty awesome dude!
— Tom Folenta, Developer of music support tools.