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Creative Chords Book 1 and 2 - Hard copy

Hard Copy Book
9" x 12", spiral binding, 120 (book 1) and 130 (book 2) color pages

Creative Chords is a unique series designed to teach students who have mastered late – elementary keyboard skills how to improvise! Bradley Sowash demonstrates how to play well – known melodies by ear, improvise embellishments and variations, add chords and accompaniment styles, and create full – sounding arrangements based on their own tastes and preferences. Teachers, even those with a limited background in improvisation, will agree this is a must-have for balancing the ear and the eye for playing today’s music!

The Kjos Interactive Practice Studio (IPS) technology provides access to orchestrated accompaniments (“backing tracks”), select video lessons with the author, additional detailed information/downloads, and more through a code printed on the last page of each book. 

How this series is different

By teaching reading and improvising side-by-side, Creative Chords balances the eye and the ear. Like other piano methods, you can expect to learn well-known tunes and delightful originals by reading written music. But Creative Chords takes learning to play the piano much farther by giving you the tools to “do your own thing.” 

Students learn to:

  • Play familiar tunes both by reading and by ear.  
  • Personalize melodies and improvise variations.
  • Interpret pop/jazz chord symbols.
  • Apply stock accompaniments in a variety of styles.

Prior experience improvising or playing jazz, blues, or popular music styles is not necessary. Only basic reading skills are needed.

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