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  • Fake Book for Kids - Hard copy ()
    A great way to introduce lead sheets to younger students

    A unique fake book containing a collection of children’s tunes in lead sheet format that can get children playing their favorite tunes quickly and easily! Includes graphic chord diagrams so the student will always know which keys match the chord symbols. I use this with all my younger students. It’s a great tool for getting them used to the jazz concept of interpreting a tune from just the chords and melody.

    Product Details:
    Publisher: Houston Enterprises Press
    Paperback with “stay open” coil binding
    88 pages, 9 x 12 inches
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  • Favorites & Holiday Songs Fake Book - Hard copy ()
    A great way to introduce lead sheets to older students

    I use this with my older students who want to get into interpreting a tune from just the chords and melody. It has 95 tunes in lead sheet format with large engraving for easier reading. At the beginning of every new tune there are two sets of chord diagrams, one basic, one more advanced, that show you exactly what notes are in each chord used in the tune. The more advanced charts show you commonly used substitutions that pros use to sound a little hipper rather than playing the basic chords. A unique feature is that every tune is in the key of C! That makes things even easier because you’ll tend to use many of the same chords over and over which really builds confidence in a hurry.

    Product Details:
    Publisher: Houston Enterprises Press
    183 pages, 9 x 12 inches
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  • The Next Step ()
    By Bradley Sowash and Scott Houston

    Shows you how to add style beyond the basic chords and melody.

    How many times have you picked up a jazz piano educational book only to find content that was over your head by page three?

    The Next Step is a fun and creative approach to piano playing in which increased knowledge of chords, scales and rhythms leads you to greater personal expression. How much previous experience do you need to benefit from this book? If you know how to read basic music notation and can construct a C, F and G chord, this book is for you.

    I co-authored this book with my good friend, Scott Houston, host of the popular PBS-TV music education series “The Piano Guy,” the book is a practical guide for learning to play piano “off page.” It is also the featured textbook for the adult track of my 88 Creative Keys Camp.

    Product Details:
    Publisher: Houston Enterprises Press
    Paperback with “stay open” coil binding
    100 pages, 9 x 12 inches
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  • The iPad Piano Studio - Hard copy Book ()
    Digital/Book Combo

    Digital E-Book Version
    Related Videos
    SimpleTEC Magazine & E-Magazine ($10 value)

    To receive your digital book code, please contact lviss@me.com upon purchase. If you do not, someone will be in touch with the code.  

    Between the covers you will find information, ideas, insight and inspiration on integrating the iPad within every aspect of studio teaching. Yes, it's called the iPad PIANO Studio, but teachers of other instruments will find the book beneficial as well. From those who are still contemplating the purchase of an iPad to those considered "veteran" iPad owners, there's something for everyone. The chapters are concise with striking graphics and a fresh format so that information can be gathered quickly.

    The book is offered as a paper back or digital edition. The paperback price includes the digital edition. Both formats include a growing library of videos plus a blog which will provide ongoing support and teaching tips--all accessed through dynamic QR codes.

    Take advantage of this state-of-the-art paperback experience. The fusion of physical, digital and online experiences provides an exclusive hybrid approach that combines a continual stream of the latest information, ideas, insight and inspiration.

    I cannot wait for you to experience what I've held close for over a year. -Leila

    E-BOOK - You will also receive an enhanced E-Book version, from the team of Digital Book Cloud - it's the prefect solution for accessing the content 24/7, anywhere you find a web connection. You can view the content on your home computer, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android and more.

    VIDEOS - In addition to great content, the book also includes a series of videos that enhance the reading experience. Some are instructional in nature, others, called "Peek-Ins" will allow you to take a peek into Leila's studio and see how her students interact with the iPad. How to you see these videos? It's easy! Simply scan any one of our *VQR codes (Video Quick Response Codes), and instantly, the video will instantly appear on your Smartphone screen - or any device that can read QR codes.

    SIMPLE TEC MAGAZINE (and E-MAG) - In addition, we will send you the premier issue of SimpleTEC - a Digital Discovery Magazine For Music Educators (along with an E-Mag version). SimpleTEC's non-tech approach to exploring the "what is and how to" world of music teacher websites, mobile communication, digital keyboard technology is just what the E-doctor ordered.

    *VQR - To view the videos, you will require a Smartphone with a QR reader app. Note - QR reader apps are free, simply search for QR readers in your devices app store. Download it and follow the instructions.
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