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How to download PDFs 

Where are my downloads?

1) Navigate to your account by clicking "Account" at the top of the screen.

2) Once you login, you'll see a menu in the right sidebar. Click "Downloads."

3) Here you'll see a list of your downloads. You can click download on each of these to put it onto your computer.

Where did my downloads go on my computer?

Most computers save downloads from the internet to their downloads folder.

On a Mac: Go to your finder and select the downloads folder in the left sidebar. Your file should, by default, open up in the program Preview unless you use Adobe programs.

On a PC: Go to your documents  and select the downloads folder in the left sidebar. The first time you open your file, depending on your computer's security settings, you will be prompted with a box asking whether you want to open it or not. You can click "open." Then you'll be prompted with another popup asking which program you want to use. Select whichever program you usually use to look at PDFs. Most computers should have Adobe Reader.

On a device: Not recommended. Generally, it's a lot easier to purchase downloads on a computer.

What is a .zip file and how does it work?

Some downloads involve multiple files and it makes them easier to download if they're all bundled together. That's what a .zip file is for.

When you download a .zip file and find it in your downloads folder, you'll need to click on it to extract the files that you purchased. 

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